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Mugwort   Artemisia vulgaris   
“Purify, calm, psychic ability”  
Mugwort  is used to purify, cleanses and sometimes placed in dream
pillows to bring prophetic dreams.  It is also used for calming and
increasing psychic powers.  Methods include burning,  smoldering,
carrying, and making teas & infusions.
Cut/sifted   HC-125-10   1 oz    

Mullein Leaf   Verbascum thapsus   
“Clarity, release, healing”   
Mullein Leaf, sometimes used as an herbal tobacco, is also used for clarity,
release of negativity, and healing – particularly of the throat. Methods
include burning, mixing in smoking blends, tinctures and wearing it.
Cut/sifted   HC-126-05   .5 oz    

Mustard Seed, Black   Brassica nigra   
“Prevention, clarity, clearing”
Mustard Seed, Black, is common to the French and English as a
condiment.  It is used for mental clarity, protection from unwanted
associations and clearing toxins.  Methods include sprinkling, carrying,
packs, and baths.
Whole   HW-127-10   1 oz

Myrrh Gum   Commiphora molmol   
“Bless, strengthen, purify”  
Myrrh Gum powder, a part of ancient Egyptian rituals, is used for blessing
objects, strengthening other herbs, bringing clarity and purifying.  Methods
include burning, sachets, and incense mixtures.
Powder   HP-128-05   .5 oz  
Tears      HT-128-05   .5 oz
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