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Native American - Shamanic - Magickal - Healing
Gaia’s  World  provides a large number of  products for  those desiring change and  seeking a
sense of connection  with Source energy.  Our focus is on shifting energy through ceremony and
vibration.  We carry items for personal use, Native American,  Wiccan,  Druidic,  Pagan,
Magikal,  and other cultural and religious rituals.
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Dragons Blood chunks HW-036-05
White Copal tears HT-025-05
Lavender HW-111-05
The insects, angered because humans were not treating them with respect,
because they were trampling their homes and killing them off, decided that
each would give a disease to humankind.
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Gaia's World     products are intended for external use only. Consult with a health care professional or reliable
source for proper use and possible warnings in regard to our products.

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We produce quality products ...
Clean, natural and pure.  We are continually monitoring the quality.

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Most of our herbs are in 1/2 or 1 oz packages, and some in even larger sizes.  Many are available
in more than one size.

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Our packages are labeled with ceremonial purpose, ways the products are commonly used, and
other information about their ceremonial properties.

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Our product line is continually expanding, however, if you are looking for an item but can’t find it,
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