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Agrimony   Agrimonia eupatoria   
“Clear vision, integrity, remove”
Agrimony, a member of the rose family also called cocklebur, is used as a
liver cleanser, to clear vision and the throat, for removing toxins, spells,
and poisons and evil.  Methods include burning, teas, tinctures, and
Cut/sifted   HC-003-10   1 oz

Angelica Root   Angelica archangelica   
“Protect body, resistance, energy”  
Angelica, known as archangel and masterwort, is of the parsley family.  It is
used to protect the body physically through resistance to disease and
psychically against attack. Methods include burning, carrying, baths, teas
and sprinkling.
Cut/sifted   HC-004-10   1 oz
Powder      HP-004-05   .5 oz

Anise Seed   Pimpinella anisum   
“Psychic protection, throat,”  
Anise seed, from the parsley family and native to the Mediterranean, is
used to protect from psychic influences and to soothe the throat and
stomach  Methods include burning, incense mixtures, sprinkling, baths and
Powder   HP-002-05   .5 oz

Anise Stars   Illicium verum   
“Enhance, soothe, magical”  
Anise Stars, whose seed pods form in the shape of multi-pointed stars, are
used for flavoring in pipe mixtures.  It’s licorice smell adds to incense and
other ceremonial uses.  Methods include burning, smoldering, and
Whole   HW-005-10   1 oz

Arnica Flowers   Arnica montana    
“Heal wounds, external & emotional ”
Arnica, of the thistle family and poisonous if taken internally, is known for
its ability to heal wounds, sprains, and sores.  In the metaphysical, it is for
emotional wounding and conflict.  Methods of use include external tinctures
and carrying.
Whole   HW-006-05   .5 oz

Arrowroot   Maranta Arundinacea   
“Good fortune, opportunity, Heal”
Increases one's good fortune and makes opportunity more visible on the
horizon. Used medicinally as an anti-toxin and as a nutritional food for
infants and people recovering from illness.  Used for stomach and intestinal
disorders. Methods of use include sachets,  adding to food.
Powder   HP-008-05   .5 oz
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