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Each POCKET FULL is designed to create the feeling of a particular
quality.  The combination of stones carry the vibration of one who holds
that energy.  The purpose of each stone is listed with an explanation of
how they work together.

CONTENTS OF EACH PACKET:   Stones,  Black Velvet Bag,
Information         PACKAGING:  4x3 inch re-closeable plastic bag

SP-009   Abundance  3 stones
SP-400   Birthday Wishes   6 stones
SP-022   Blessings   3 stones  
SP-300   Chakra Powers   9 stones
SP-407   Clearing   5 stones
SP-036   Courage   3 stones
SP-403   Get Well Wishes   6 stones
SP-084   Healing   3 stones
SP-408   Holiday Wishes   5 stones
SP-405   Letting Go   5 stones
SP-126   Love   3 stones
SP-404   New Beginnings   5 stones
SP-162   Peace   3 stones
SP-167   Power   3 stones
SP-168   Protection   3 stones
SP-169   Psychic Ability   3 stones
SP-401   Safe Travels   6 stones
SP-195   Spirituality   3 stones
SP-198   Success   3 stones
SP-406   Sweet Dreams   6 stones
SP-402   Thanks   6 stones
SP-208   Transformation   3 stones
SP-225   Vision   3 stones
SP-233   Wealth   3 stones
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