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Desert Sage   Artemisia tridentata   
“Purification, protection”
Desert Sage comes from a sage brush.  It is
used in many Native traditions to purify and
cleanse before and during ceremonies.  
Methods of use include burning smoldering,
carrying, and wrapping objects in it.

Cut/sifted   HC-031-15   1.5 oz

Wands, Mini, 2 pack         HW-031-W3        

Wand, Large, 1/pk           HW-031-W7   1/pk

White/Desert Sage
1 white mini and 1 desert mini   HW-032-W3

White Sage   Salvia alpine
“Purify, protect, calm”
White Sage, found on the coast of  California, is used at the beginning and
during many Native ceremonies and as a general energy cleanser and
protector.  Methods include burning, smoldering, wrapping sacred objects,
and making teas.

Clusters        HW-033-10      1 oz
            HW-033-80      8 oz

Wands, Mini, 2 pack         HW-033-W3

Wand, Small   1pk            HW-033-W5
Wand, Medium   1pk        HW-033-W7
Wand, Large  1pk            HW-033-W9   

Sweetgrass Braid   Hierochloe odorata   
“Calling spirits, honor, psychic”
Sweetgrass, a plant found growing in the plains area of
the US, is used for calling in spirits, protecting, honoring,
sending prayers, and psychic strength.  Methods include
burning, wrapping with items and hanging up.
Braid     HW-188-18
In my vision we were facing east and I noticed something queer and found
out it was two men coming from the east and they had wings.  On each one's
breast was a bright star... They had an herb in their hands and showed it to
me saying, 'Behold this; with this on earth you shall undertake anything and
accomplish it.'  As they presented the herb to me they told me to drop it on
earth and when it hit the earth it took root and flowered.  You could see a ray
of light coming up from the flower, reaching the heavens, and all the
creatures of the universe saw this light.
                                                  -- Black Elk, Lakota holy man
For hundreds of years, Native American peoples have used Sage,
sweetgrass, and other herbs and plants for spiritual and medicinal
purposes.  Many of today's herbal remedies come from their knowledge and
use of these healing plants.  

Sage and sweetgrass are known for their ability to cleanse negative
influence by smudging.
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