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Sea Salt, Celtic     
“Cleanse, clear, protect”  
Natural, evaporated, Celtic sea salt is a natural
sea salt with all the minerals in it.   
Coarse   HO-501-30   3 oz

Sea Salt, Refined    
“Cleanse, clear, protect”
Fine   HO-502-80   8 oz

Himalayan Salt     
“Purify, restore, protect”  
Himalayan salt is pink due to its higher iron
content, magically representing the earth and
universe. Use in ritual baths to purify, relax,
rejuvenate, restore balance; in magical workings
to do wardings, cleansings, purifications.  Use
for protection during out-of-body and shamanic
journeying,  Sprinkle or use in baths.   
Coarse   HO-505-30   3 oz

Himalayan Salt    
“Purify, restore, protect”
Fine   HO-506-80   8 oz

Black Salt, Fine
"Remove jinxes, evil forces"
Also called Sal Negro, Witches' Salt, Drive Away
Salt, Voodoo or Santeria Salt.  Used to drive
away evil or negative energies, hexes and
jinxes, or bad neighbors.  Sprinkle around
doors, windows, or areas you want to protect.
HO-504-10  1 oz

These abalone shells form a natural bowl to
burn sage and sweetgrass.
HO-300-E3   small
HO-300-E5   large
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Small Abalone - Tripod not included.
Large Abalone